Model Assembly

At Make My Model we provide a complete assembly service including:-
  • Complete removal of flash, mold and sprue marks from your model and miniatures 

  • Pinning of fragile parts for additional strength

  • Fit a weapon or arm from one model  to another model for 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) for those sculpts that have not been released yet

  • Provide you with the ability to securely interchange multiple weapons on one miniature using magnets

  • Replace Flames of War (FoW) tank barrels from soft pewter to solid brass or light weight carbon fibre to prevent bending
  • Replace historical and fantasy spear and Standard Bearers shafts with brass or carbon fibre to prevent bending

At Make My Model we do not claim to be master painters – but we have plenty of contacts within the industry who are. But when it comes to assembling models, customisation of miniatures and building terrain, they come to us.

Tabletop miniature assembly
Contact Reg at Make My Model for a obligation free quote on the assembly, and if required, the painting of your model.

Reg Forsaith 0466 265 443
cast resin primarch
Caste Rein Horus Heresy
Games Workshop Storm Raven
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