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Hot Wire Foam Factory Tools
Make My Model are distributors of Hot Wire Foam Factory Crafter & Professional tools from California.

The range of tools includes simple hobby-level knives and sculpting tools that are ideal for occasional use with our range of XPS foams as well as other foam types.

We have a range of products to choose from, starting with a simple knives and sculpting tools to a kit comprising 4 versatile tools for almost every application.

Each set includes spare wire blades and an Australian plug-pack power supply and an instructional DVD

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For more professional projects that are larger or more detailed and challenging we have a range of Professional Tools from the Hot Wire Foam Factory range.

The Freehand Router has a robust reshapeable cutting wire blade to allow you to make versatile, detailed smooth cuts quickly and simply.

The Ultimate tool for creating your very own XPS foam masterpiece is the 3D Scroll Table. On a 24 inch bed with 12inch free-arm, the possibilities for the creative modeller are almost endless. 

Both the Freehand Router and 3D Scroll table come with an Australian Plugged Pro Power supply for more power and faster cutting. A carry case, spare wire blades and instructional DVD is also included

To purchase one of the range, please visit our on-line store

Hot Wire Foam factory have a range of quick videos that can be helpful in deciding which product is best for your project

Modelling foam
Some of the range of products from Hot Wire Foam Factory
Adhesives & Coatings
Hot Wire Foam Factory also have developed a range of adhesives and coatings for use with solvent-sensitive foams.

Their Foam Fusion adhesive is a more practical choice than common PVA wood glues. It is Chemically Cured, meaning that it doesn't need contact with air to set. This can save days when working with sheets of foam that are several inches wide.

Styrogoo is a clear rapid set adhesive that allows projects to be completed more quickly. It is also ideal when you need to attach other types of materials to your XPS foam projects

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Hot WIre Foam Factory have developed a range of coatings and additives to use with Polystyrene Foams. Based around their dry powder Foam Coat, you can mix these with water  to add a resilient, tough  coat to your XPS foam project and alter its properies to be either elastic or tough with either their Bounce or Boost liquids.

To purchase one of the range, please visit our on-line store

For more information contact Reg Forsaith by email or mobile 0466 265 443.

Blue model foam
Modelling foam
White Model Foam
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