When delivering a recent commission of GW Space Marine Drop Pods to a client, he asked “But how did you get all the doors to open and close properly?” I told him my trade secret I just built it properly”.

  • Dizco Yates I've gotten Reg to do some stuff for me already and couldn't be happier. I'll keep using MMModel as long as I can for sure!

  • Reg Forsaith Why, thank you, Mr Yates! High Praise indeed. Looks like I owe you an adult beverage when next we meet.

  • Dizco Yates Just calling a spade a spade mate - and you Sir, are one fine shovel. 

    Seriously though, this will work well for me when I need stuff built. TSOM is booked to the gills, so time saved fiddling around will be gold!

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    Game Mats for X-Wing, and a Review
    Hi all,

    I've been searching for a decent game mat to use for X-Wing and other starship miniatures games for some time, but they were either way too expensive, or the shipping was ludicrous, or the material was horrible, etc.

    It looked like I was going to have to fork out close to $100 for a mat, which is way more than I expected to have to pay.

    Enter MAKE MY MODEL.

    MMM ordered a print run of five different mats, representing the skies above us down under.

    Unfortunately, the products they received did not match the quality of the proofs they had ordered.

    To recoup the loss, MMM are currently selling off this run of mats at $20 a mat, or $80 for a set of five, not including postage. They were originally going to be sold for $45 each.

    I ordered one of these mats, and received it today.

    That mat is printed on vinyl, and measures 36" x 36", which not all mats advertised as being 36" are. The print is a tad grainy, but this is not really noticeable once you are playing. It was delivered in a cardboard tube, which MMM took great pains to ensure it could be re-used as a storage container, wrapping the ends and the delivery address in plastic wrap (this did not stop the courier from affixing a couple of stickers to the tube, but it is still a decent way to store and transport it). The mat unfurls and lays flat from the tube, with only slight curling of one edge, which is easily fixed by rolling it back on itself. Two edges of the mat did have some rough trim, but this was easily fixed with a Stanley knife and a steel ruler.

    If you currently play X-Wing on a plain tabletop, or a cloth, etc, I'd suggest you consider forking out $20 (+postage) for one of these mats. Not only will you end up with something that helps set the theme/mood for your game, but you will be helping a small business recoup some losses.

    Let's face it, you're not likely to find a better price for a mat this size.

    MMM are planning to do another run of these mats, this time to meet the standards of the proofs they received. These mats will sell for $45, and you can pre-order them on their website, if you like what you see, but don't want to purchase the "blurry" ones. This is still cheaper than most mats on the market, and you are not paying for overseas shipping, which can be very pricey.

    It's worth checking out MMM's website for their other services as well. They will assemble your armies off the sprue for you, for a fee, for those who want to play such games, but can't/won't take the time to assemble their own armies. They supply and sell a decent range of MDF terrain, and they sell a wide range of XPS modelling foam (the blue foam GW use to make their hills, rock features, etc, out of).

    I recommend you take a few minutes and check them out.

    Note, I am not affiliated with MMM in any way, other than being a very satisfied


    WargamerAU: 26 Nov 2014
    Wow! Order made yesterday, product is in my hands already!

    Quick review;

    When Reg wraps something for delivery, he means it! You could beat people over the head with this mailer tube and wipe the blood off the plastic wrapped around it, then game on.

    The mat is supposedly a second. Well, a few small loose threads on the edge, a slightly grainy/out of focus print, but damn it looks good. I strongly recommend getting one before he runs out!

    Can't wait to get my X-Wing ships on it for a game. Thanks Reg 


    I can also highly recommend these - if the current mats are "seconds," any future print runs will be amazing.

    We used six of the star mats for our events at PAX, and they're currently on loan to Games Lab to help out with their events for the next year.

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    Morgan Reid2 December 22:58 
    Great product for a bargain price. Thanks Reg, love using this mat!

    Nick Lambdaguy2 December 08:52
    I received mine today,  Reg Forsaith, add me to the list of happy customers. These are well worth the price. I purchased the 5 for 4 bundle and I am very pleased. We even hung the Eta Carina nebula mat on the wall for a splash of colour. :-)

    Alex D. - 2 Dec 2014

    Gday Reg,

    First off I wanted to say I'm very happy with the work that you did for me on the drop pods and they are currently in the process of being painted!